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tRace - 77 Fiction

Friday, September 24, 2010

Note:- 77 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 77 words.


It is a tough race of marathon, with all brutal competitive elements.

Eminent and accomplished runners are already miles ahead .

One person, with improper vision and an artificial leg, but enormous potential, is trying to give tough competition to the remaining contenders. 

She did fell down many times till now, but her spirit of survival and existence for herself, is making her to move forward.

She needs  desperate support and immediate medication

Her name is India, Rural.


Our Eco-Friendly Ganesh Mantap

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here are some of the pictures our Eco-Friendly Ganesh Mantap in Ramanthapur.
More pictures will be uploaded soon. We have built this mantap without using any plastic and other harmful chemicals, also representing our Indian Culture.

Activities done:

1) Organized bhajans with different groups.
2) Tried our best to spread Indian culture and other awareness messages related to society.
3) Held competition in Rangoli program.
4) Distributed 100 small clay idols, few saplings and other useful items that were used for the occasion.
5) During procession, we just wore cotton kurta - pyajamas and organized Sannai - mellam in the place of Band.

Note: The pictures are taken from mobile. All the pictures will be uploaded very soon.

Our Ganesha in Sakshi Paper. Please have a look at it and also read the matter.
Click here to view

Our Eco-Friendly Ganesh is being telecasted in DOORDARSHAN on THRUSDAY (16th Sept 2010)at 7am to 7 30am. 

Our Eco Friendly Ganesha WinsVisit



Eco - Friendly Ganesh Festival

Monday, September 6, 2010

Devotion is not in the material or size of the God, but it is in the heart of the devotee !
If you have true devotion, you can find the glorious image of the Lord in every thing and every being. So, please do not cause loss to creation of God on the name of Devotion !

The materials used to make most of the Ganesh idols are toxic!

Plaster of paris, which is used to make majority of the idols contains gypsum, sulphur, phosphorus and magnesium.
Chemical paints, which are used to colour the idols contain mercury, cadmium, lead and carbon.

Immersion of these idols can poison the waters of tanks, lakes and rivers by :    
increasing acidity
increasing solid matter
increasing organic matter
increasing content of heavy metals

This pollution created by immersion damages the ecosystem by :
Killing the fishes
Damaging the plants
Blocking the natural flow of the water and causing stagnation

And damages health by polluting drinking water sources causing
Breathing problems
Blood diseases
Skin diseases

The Alternatives :

Use a small unpainted idol made of unbaked clay instead of Plaster of paris.
Immerse the idol in a tub or a water tank.
Collect the flowers and leaves and compost them.
Or use permanent idols made of brass or stone and do a symbolic immersion in a bucket of water or in a tank. 
Re-use the same idol again the next year.
Avoid the use of thermocole and plastic in decorations.

Help reduce Water Pollution by celebrating
Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturdhi !

On Behalf of HOPE - for needy awareness campaign, we are installing a clay idol by using completely Eco - Frinedly items. We are also distributing 100 to 200 small clay idols with an awareness message.
Please do visit it from 11th to 15th in Ramanthapur, near TV studio.


Jai Ganesh Maharaj

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