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Aadarana Orphanage

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello Friends

Last week HOPE - for needy and students of VIGNANA BHARATHI INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY engg college, went to AADARANA ORPHANAGE and provided lunch. 
We spent some valuable time with those children and enjoyed alot.


Our HOPE's Eco Friendly Ganesha WINS!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello Friends

Our Eco Friendly Ganesha has got the second prize in GO GREEN GANESHA competition organized by TV9, SAVE and ACT.
We Would like to THANK each and every one who supported, encouraged and motivated us in this program. 
We wish this awareness will reach each and every person and there will be more and more Eco Friendly Ganesha Mantaps in our state from next year.

I(Santosh) would like to THANK the members and well wishers of our HOPE - for needy organization who worked really very hard to make this program a huge success and getting us second prize.

Especially - M. Shravan, Ayyappa, A. Shravan, Mallikarjun, Shirish, Vaibhav, Arvind, Srinivas Yadav, Prashanth, V. Sridhar, Janardhan, Harisha Renu, Pranay, Nagraj, P. Srikanth, Naveen Reddy



Miryala Satvik

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Miryala Satvik (17 years), is studying intermediate final year in Narayana Junior College, Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome (Chronic Kidney Disease), and has been suffering from three and half years severely.

Recently his condition became very serious that his both kidneys were collapsed. Hence thedoctors in Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad have advised them to go for kidney transplantation immediately. Now he is undergoing haemodialysis on regular basis.

His mother came forward to donate her kidney. But the transplantation and procedure charges and medication charges are around Rs 8 Lakhs (eight lakhs). In fact, Uncle M. Damodar, his father  spent Rs 8 Lakhs for the treatment, which landed him in neck deep debts. So his father cannot afford further Rs 8 Lakhs for the transplantation procedure.

The doctors have fixed 8th October 2010 for the surgery.

So, kindly request you all for financial help

His father is a govt employee so there is no chance of Arogyasri.

HOPE - for needy has visited boy's house and donated Rs8000/- today. 

We request every one to look into this matter and please help them as they are in real need.


***** Satvik's Kidney Transplantation was done successfully on 21st Oct, 2010. Thank you every one for supporting a noble cause. *****

--- THANK YOU ---


tRace - 77 Fiction

Friday, September 24, 2010

Note:- 77 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 77 words.


It is a tough race of marathon, with all brutal competitive elements.

Eminent and accomplished runners are already miles ahead .

One person, with improper vision and an artificial leg, but enormous potential, is trying to give tough competition to the remaining contenders. 

She did fell down many times till now, but her spirit of survival and existence for herself, is making her to move forward.

She needs  desperate support and immediate medication

Her name is India, Rural.


Our Eco-Friendly Ganesh Mantap

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here are some of the pictures our Eco-Friendly Ganesh Mantap in Ramanthapur.
More pictures will be uploaded soon. We have built this mantap without using any plastic and other harmful chemicals, also representing our Indian Culture.

Activities done:

1) Organized bhajans with different groups.
2) Tried our best to spread Indian culture and other awareness messages related to society.
3) Held competition in Rangoli program.
4) Distributed 100 small clay idols, few saplings and other useful items that were used for the occasion.
5) During procession, we just wore cotton kurta - pyajamas and organized Sannai - mellam in the place of Band.

Note: The pictures are taken from mobile. All the pictures will be uploaded very soon.

Our Ganesha in Sakshi Paper. Please have a look at it and also read the matter.
Click here to view

Our Eco-Friendly Ganesh is being telecasted in DOORDARSHAN on THRUSDAY (16th Sept 2010)at 7am to 7 30am. 

Our Eco Friendly Ganesha WinsVisit



Eco - Friendly Ganesh Festival

Monday, September 6, 2010

Devotion is not in the material or size of the God, but it is in the heart of the devotee !
If you have true devotion, you can find the glorious image of the Lord in every thing and every being. So, please do not cause loss to creation of God on the name of Devotion !

The materials used to make most of the Ganesh idols are toxic!

Plaster of paris, which is used to make majority of the idols contains gypsum, sulphur, phosphorus and magnesium.
Chemical paints, which are used to colour the idols contain mercury, cadmium, lead and carbon.

Immersion of these idols can poison the waters of tanks, lakes and rivers by :    
increasing acidity
increasing solid matter
increasing organic matter
increasing content of heavy metals

This pollution created by immersion damages the ecosystem by :
Killing the fishes
Damaging the plants
Blocking the natural flow of the water and causing stagnation

And damages health by polluting drinking water sources causing
Breathing problems
Blood diseases
Skin diseases

The Alternatives :

Use a small unpainted idol made of unbaked clay instead of Plaster of paris.
Immerse the idol in a tub or a water tank.
Collect the flowers and leaves and compost them.
Or use permanent idols made of brass or stone and do a symbolic immersion in a bucket of water or in a tank. 
Re-use the same idol again the next year.
Avoid the use of thermocole and plastic in decorations.

Help reduce Water Pollution by celebrating
Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturdhi !

On Behalf of HOPE - for needy awareness campaign, we are installing a clay idol by using completely Eco - Frinedly items. We are also distributing 100 to 200 small clay idols with an awareness message.
Please do visit it from 11th to 15th in Ramanthapur, near TV studio.


Jai Ganesh Maharaj


Visit to HIV students home, DESIRE SOCIETY

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello friends
On 7/8/2010, we have visited DESIRE SOCIETY near bollarum which runs an HIV students home.
There are nearly 50 students who are affected with HIV. We met with Mr. Ravi babu who is the founder of this organization and known about it. We really had a great time with the children and staff over there. The children are really so cute that you never want to come out from that place. There is a huge requirement for them as they have to stay mostly on medicines. 
They were in need of huge requirements and we have contributed some of them that included MEDICINES, EMERGENCY LAMPS, GROCERIES. 

Please have a look at these pictures CLICK HERE.



Educational Program - 3

Friday, July 30, 2010

In education program - 3, we have supported 4 students for their educational purpose.

Kruthika, Anitha, Laxmi Poornima and Naheed.

KRUTHIKA has joined new school near vikarabad, YAGNA GURUKUL. She is in 1st class and her complete education along with hostel costs 10,000rs per year. So, we have contributed 3000rs for the first term.

Second girl is ANITHA who is studying BCOM 1st year. She hails from very poor family and her father expired. Her mother does domestic work and runs the family. Her college fees is 1500rs as she joined RAILWAYS govt college. We have supported 1000rs to her.  
Third girl is NAHEEDand she is also from a poor family. She is pursuing her BCOM and joined in Vignana barathi college. We have contributed 1000rs for her college fees.                                                

The fourth girl is LAXMI POORNIMA, a student of  
ST .ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL. She is an orphan and she is studying 2nd class. 
We have contributed 850rs for her books as school principal is taking care of her school fees.                                                

The above pics are of VISHNU, MANASI AND LAXMI POORNIMA. Already Kruthika is familiar with all of us. We are also planning to support HIV POSITIVE STUDENTS who are under DESIRE SOCIETY.


Educational Program - 2

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello friends
We are back with another education program. This time we have supported 5 students.
Vijay has passed his 10th class with flying colors(81%) and joined in Wesley junior college. We have paid him 2000rs for further studies.
Soundary has also passed 10th class with 75% and joined in Kasturba college. We have paid her 2000rs for her further studies.
Alfredina has passed her Degree 1st year with 65%. We have just helped in financially with 1000rs for her books.
We also paid school fees, stationary to Vishnu(5th class) and Mansi(UKG) with total amount of 5500rs.

The List Of Students Click Here


Sick - 55 Fiction

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


It is paining him again.

His age of seven could not tolerate it anymore.

Raju has been suffering from one of the widespread diseases for last 3 years.

In his case it is hereditary.

In spite of so much scientific advancement, medical science is yet to invent remedy for it.

It is Chronic.

It is Hunger.

PS : Nearly 212 million people suffer from chronic hunger and undernourishment in India, while others spend their time trying to lose weight.


Malice - 77 Fiction

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Note:- 77 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 77 words.


Ravi is one of the few boys who regularly attends the government school in the village for the sake of midday meals...

He is studying in third standard Telugu medium...
He works hard and topped in mid exams...

None of his classmates congratulated him...
No one plays with him ...
No one eats with him...

He is isolated in all the possible harsh ways for his uncommitted sin...
He is not an untouchable...
They just call him Bastard.


Educational Program - 1

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello friends
On Sunday our HOPE's first educational program of this year started by submitting POLYTECHNIC forms for 4 students of ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, malkajgiri.
Their names are Vineela, Elizabeth, Ramyasree and Pooja.
They have completed their 10th class recently.
Each form was of rupees 300 and total was 1200rs.
By this we have started our educational program of this year.
There are still more to come and for that we need funds.

Here are the complete details of our EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM

Thank you


Relish - 55 Fiction

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


They would have rice only once a month.....

I was there with them on one such occasion.....

They served rice on sal leaves with salt and chilli powder.....

I was anxious enough to ask what I should have the rice with.....

One of them told me humbly, " Mix it with the hunger in your stomach".
PS : 
1. The dark side of India's economic growth has been that the excluded social groups have been further marginalised, compounding their hunger, malnutrition and even leading to starvation deaths
2.  India is failing its rural poor with 230 million people being undernourished — the highest for any country in the world. Malnutrition accounts for nearly 50% of child deaths in India.



Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello friends

We have visited OORJA company which is located at Banjara Hills. Oorja company is a solar related company and its Managing Director is Mr. Madhu Sudhan sir.
He has encouraged us alot and given this wonderful opportunity to represent our HOPE organization to his employees. We have given presentation on our HOPE - for needy by letting them know about our programs and educational adoption.
And we have got the same encouragement and support from the employees as well.
They have responded very well by contributing some very good amount. Some people are also interested in supporting our educational adoption program which is a very good sign for us.

HOPE TEAM will be always THANKFUL to entire OORJA company employees especially Madhu sir.


HOPE - for children

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Many of them don't have Education in-spite of having parents, some of them don't have even parents,  few of them don't have Education in-spite of having Work to do at a tender age. But they do have two precious things in their tiny hands, Future and HOPE. Lets, together, help   them blossom as children....     

  • Please have a look at this LINK for the list of children for whom we are supporting in their education. 3 more children  are to join this list.  
  • If you want to help these children, you can Donate to Hope
 Thank You.                     


Save The Tiger

Thursday, February 4, 2010

At the turn of the 20th century, according to sources, India had an estimated 40,000 tigers in the wild. In 2002, based on pug mark census, this number was 3,642. As per the monitoring exercise by Wildlife Institute of India in association with National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), Government of India using camera traps, in 2008 we were left with only 1,411 tigers. This number is so small that they will be gone soon if we don’t wake up to the crisis.

The tiger is not just a charismatic species. It’s not just a wild animal living in some forest either. The tiger is a unique animal which plays a pivotal role in the health and diversity of an ecosystem. It is a top predator and is at the apex of the food chain and keeps the population of wild ungulates in check, thereby maintaining the balance between prey herbivores and the vegetation upon which they feed. Therefore the presence of tigers in the forest is an indicator of the well being of the ecosystem. The extinction of this top predator is an indication that its ecosystem is not sufficiently protected, and neither wouldit exist for long thereafter.

If the tigers go extinct, the entire system would collapse. For e.g. when the Dodos went extinct in Mauritius, one species of Acacia tree stopped regenerating completely. So when a species goes extinct, it leaves behind a scar, which affects the entire ecosystem. Another reason why we need to save the tiger is that our forests are water catchment areas.

When we protect one tiger, we protect about a 100 sq. km of area and thus save other species living in its habitat. Therefore, it’s not just about saving a beautiful animal. It is about making sure that we live a little longer as the forests are known to provide ecological services like clean air, water, pollination, temperature regulation etc. This way, our planet can still be home to our children.

Spread the word: Go out loud and tell others that tigers are dying and that they need our help. You can form forums (or join existing ones) on the web for discussions and exchange views on tiger conservation. Reach school going children. WWF can help you in this regard.

Be a responsible tourist: The wilderness is to be experienced and not to be disturbed and polluted. Follow the forest department guidelines when visiting any wilderness area, tiger reserve in particular. As the saying goes ‘Don’t leave thing anything behind except foot steps, and don’t take anything except memories.’

Write to the policy makers: If you are really concerned and feel that more needs to be done for tiger conservation, then write polite letters to the decision makers - the Prime Minister, the Minister for Environment and Forests or even your local MP.

Informing the nearest police station: If you know of any information on poaching or trade of illegal wildlife. You can also contact TRAFFIC- an organisation fighting the powerful poachers and pass on the information to them.

Reducing pressure on natural resources: By reducing the use of products derived from forests, such as timber and paper.

Note: I have taken this topic from WWFINDIA and for more information please visit that site. Thank you!!!


Republic day - Facts and Opinion

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1. When...?
  • The Republic Day marks the day when the Constitution of India came into force. But it was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949.

Then, why Jan 26...?
  • January 26 was being chosen as the Republic Day to commemorate the Purna Swaraj' (complete Independence) declaration taken on that date by the Indian National Congress at Lahore in 1930.
3. Parade Route ...
  • One of the highlights of the Republic Day is the grand parade in New Delhi. The traditional parade route is from Raisina Hill to the Red Fort along the Rajpath and past India Gate.

4. Memorial...
  • Prior to the parade, the Prime Minister lays a wreath at the memorial , Amar Jawan Jyoti' below the India Gate, in sombre remembrance for all those soldiers who were martyred.
5. Guns...
  • When the President unfurls the National Flag, 21 guns boom out in salute.

  • The gallantry award winners Victoria Cross, Param Vir Chakra and Ashok Chakra lead the parade with the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces taking salute.

  • One of the most cheered sections of the parade is when some chosen children astride elephants pass the dais. These children are National Bravery Award winners.

8. Conclusion...
  • An impressive fly-past by IAF aircraft concludes the parade in New Delhi on January 26.

3 Days Festival...
  • The Republic Day celebration is a three day extravaganza

10. PM Rally...
  • On January 27, selected NCC cadets who display various breath-taking performances and drill hold the Prime Minister's rally

Last Day...
  • 'Beating the Retreat' ceremony at Vijay Chowk on January 29 that officially denotes the end of Republic Day festivities.

  • Abide With Me', the hymn, written by Henry Francis Lyte and said to be Mahatma Gandhi's favourite, played at the above ceremony.
13. The End
  • The Republic Day celebration come to a formal end on January 29 at 6 p.m., buglers sound the retreat, the National Flag is lowered and the National Anthem is sung.

Anyway, I opine that....

The 60th anniversary of India becoming a republic has come and gone. Fireworks, salutes to the tiranga, distribution of awards, parades, display of our military might and what not. But the real issue amid the festivities seems to have been lost somewhere. We boast that we have been a democracy for six decades and point out that the same is not true of our neighbours but are we truly democratic? Have we lived up to the ideals cherished in the Constitution?
Our foreign policy changes according to the dictates of Washington; education has been commercialised; there is too much privatisation; there has been a decline in vital subsidies; we have blatantly failed to instil confidence among the minorities and are yet to fulfil the people s regional aspirations. We can, at best, celebrate Republic Day as yet another festival.

* * *
Democracy has helped only our politicians. Many of them got an opportunity to become billionaires after a decade or so in politics. Our criminal justice system is all but ineffective in curbing corruption, which starts with the ballot box and ends in Swiss banks. Politicians have mastered the technique of purchasing the illiterate masses on the eve of elections and use state funds to market their party to the same masses by offering freebies. Those who can change the system refrain from voting due to frustration and, in some cases, fear. Our democracy is the best bet for Swiss banks.

* * *
The annual Republic Day parade is an occasion to showcase the country s achievements in the military, cultural and economic fields. But it is also true that enormous resources in terms of money and manpower are spent in organising the occasion. This is particularly true in the current security scenario when such functions have to be organised under the shadow of possible terrorist attacks. In view of this, we should seriously consider having such huge celebrations at intervals of three-four years.


PS: I will add all the suggested additional facts , if any, from the readers. Thank You.


Republic day - 26th Jan 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello friends,

Today our HOPE - for needy team visited DIVINE SCHOOL, uppal for FLAG HOISTING and spent time with those little children. Then we have started our "GREEN MARCHING" from Uppal - Habsiguda - Ramanthapur. We have covered nearly 10kms and spreaded awareness among people regarding our "GREEN DEEDS" campaign.

Santosh, Abhinav, Srinivas, Sravan, Mahesh, Arun, Pranay, Rishitha, Santosh.m from HOPE TEAM,
Vamshi and Arun from ARROW TEAM,
have attended our GREEN MARCHING program.

Note: Friends, we are planning to conduct such kind of marchings every 3rd week of a month. So, the persons who are really interested can leave a comment or can contact us. THANK YOU..!!!

For more pics....


Green Deeds

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy New Year, 2010. 

Hope, you had all the new year's flavours, aromas, wishes, entertainment, cultural activities, refreshment, fun and frolic etc. New Calendars? BTW, How did the parties and celebrations went off? Colourful/Exciting/Blast/Rockin? Were they Green too? 

Yeah, we mean it. How much we have been contributing to the ever incrementing global warming by these celebrations on various occasions, year long? We all of us know very well that, not only celebrations, every human deed results in the gradual extinction of many species, daily. Wait, we are not asking every one to become a saint and stop partying/celebrating. If we all are responsible to the mounting Global Warming phenomenon, knowingly or unknowingly, by the usage of non-biodegradable things and burning fossil fuels through our daily activities , then isn't it our responsibility to compensate for the inevitable damage we are causing to the Environment in which WE live.

Any new resolutions in New Year?
How about having one more?
Shall we try "Green Deeds" ?

Yes. Green Deeds. You might have got the gist of this topic by now.
We strongly feel and opine that the obvious failure of Copenhagen summit(Climate Change) necessitates to retrospect our role and responsibilities before passing the buck to other entities. We would like to propose an idea to deal with the number of carbon foot prints we are leaving behind whenever we succumb ourselves to consumerism .

As every  activity, from working to partying, results in a certain amount of  plastic waste or consuming any fuel/energy/power that causes global warming, we can make the activity as GREEN by planting a sapling to minimise the damage/impact, if not finding a solution. It is quite simple. You can choose, like, for how many activities/deeds you will plant a sapling. It can be one sapling per one activity or one sapling per 4 activities, depending on one's convenience. The choice is yours.  It is highly flexible .  We have to start somewhere, right?
Think once....
1. How about adding a plant along with the gift on any/every occasion?

2. How about planting a sapling/saplings as a memory to our recent trip?
3. How about having at least one Green weekend per month?
4. How about having 11 plantations whenever India wins a series or your favourite player performs?
5. How about saying a Green Sorry?
6. How about having a plant on every success in our life?
7. How about Green Festivals/Green Cinemas/Green Works/Green Jobs?
8. How about converting all get-togethers/Meetings/Parties/Trips/Journeys/Weekends/Holidays etc into "Green Visits"?
9. How about "Green Shopping" (one plant per 1000/10000  etc )? What say?
10. We may have Green Friends/Relationships too....

11.Finally, how about Green Blogs/posts. One plant per one post/5 posts/one Blogaton etc??

Green Studies...... 1 plant per one semester/academic year
Green Careers.....1 plant per appointment/bonus/onsite/promotion etc

Green Bike.....1 plant per 100/500/1000 km etc
Green Aims...... 1 plant for one Aim/Goal/Dream
Green Waste...... 1 plant per 1month/100 days/1 year etc
Green Books...... 1 plant per 1 book/10 books

Green LOVE....... You know it.
Green Homes.......Is your balcony empty? 
Green Gadgets.....1 plant per PC/Laptop/mobile, per year
Green Music.......1 plant per 100/200 albums etc

We hope the questions, like, Is your Job Green? Is your life Greener? Is this Green Party? Do you have Green Memories? Is your PC green Is your blog Green/Are you a Green Blogger?  ....etc will become part of our lives soon.

So Friends, what do you say? Will you join us and spread this flavour of "Greenism" ?
We are leaving few ideas for you. We would like to have suggestions from you, which we will add in this post, eventually, to make it more comprehensive and pragmatic.

 Any Green Thoughts ?

Lets, WE, together make this new year a......

Happy GREEN New Year :) 

PS: This post is a Green Post :) :) :)


HOPE - forneedy T shirt and Cap

Friday, January 15, 2010

Here is our HOPE - for needy T shirt and Cap

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