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Our Eco-Friendly Ganesh Mantap

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here are some of the pictures our Eco-Friendly Ganesh Mantap in Ramanthapur.
More pictures will be uploaded soon. We have built this mantap without using any plastic and other harmful chemicals, also representing our Indian Culture.

Activities done:

1) Organized bhajans with different groups.
2) Tried our best to spread Indian culture and other awareness messages related to society.
3) Held competition in Rangoli program.
4) Distributed 100 small clay idols, few saplings and other useful items that were used for the occasion.
5) During procession, we just wore cotton kurta - pyajamas and organized Sannai - mellam in the place of Band.

Note: The pictures are taken from mobile. All the pictures will be uploaded very soon.

Our Ganesha in Sakshi Paper. Please have a look at it and also read the matter.
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Our Eco-Friendly Ganesh is being telecasted in DOORDARSHAN on THRUSDAY (16th Sept 2010)at 7am to 7 30am. 

Our Eco Friendly Ganesha WinsVisit



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