Thank you for visiting. Please go through every link to know more about our organization especially monthly report and donate HOPE.


Thanks a bunch for your noble gesture and humble initiative to contribute to the hope of hapless children future and education. We do appreciate your generosity. We are indeed elated to welcome you to HOPE. We are privileged to have your trust and reliance in HOPE.

Hope do provides you the total audit and accountability of each penny you contribute to the noble cause.

You can donate money in two ways,

1. If you are residing within India...

Hope has got a registered bank account in which you can deposit money, whose details are...

A/C : 16251450000010 **

** This account accepts donations from "ONLY within India".

*If you are residing outside India, please do NOT use this account to send your money as we are bounded by legal limitations.
*Deposits in bank must be made within India as it wont accept foreign funds directly and hence we are not responsible for any kind of loss.
*Please email us to for every deposit you make so that we can have a  reference 

2.In case, you are staying outside India....

Can send your Cheques or Demand Drafts made on "HOPE FOR NEEDY".
Please mail us for address details.
Please do send your email id and Address along with the Cheques/Drafts so that we can Acknowledge the Receipt to make each and every contributed penny answerable, accountable and audit-able.
*Please email us to for every Cheque/Draft you send so that we can have a  reference.

PS :
1.You can encourage the cause by both financial as well as moral support through your ideas and suggestions.
2.Please do spread the word of Hope if you feel that it deserves so.
3.Please do write your feedback or queries if you have any.

** Feel Free to ask any sort of information regarding HOPE and its activities, at any time.

Thanks for blossoming HOPEs of Children smiles !!!

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